Oddest Dating Sites On Earth

Oddest Dating Sites On Earth

As long as with the population of Internet, dating websites have become a new way for every single person to find love in the last few years. While people assume Match.com and eHarmony are most typical dating site, there are ten most bizarre ones only exclusive for niche category of people.


Dating Website for Look-a-Likes

FindYourFacemate.com is created for those who look a lot alike with each other. Originally, the website was idealized by Christina Bloom after people kept telling that she and her ex-husband look similar. The website is powered with facial mapping software developed by Face.com to find similarities between nine points in face including eyes, ears, nose, chin, the corners and center of the mouth.

FindYourFacemate.com is used to find your narcissistic match in another person.


Dating Website for Sea Capitans

If you are a sea caption and need a close relationship; then www.seacaptaindate.com is a place devoted to your needs.


Dating Website for Superheroes and Supervillains

SuperHarmony is the place for those who are looking for special crime fighters and villains.

Dating Website for Ugly People

www.theuglybugball.com is Britain's first dating website for “aesthetically challenged” people. In the picture are Tom Clifford and Janine Walker who first celebrate whirlwind online romance in less than a month thanks to this website.


Dating Website for a Mother's Single Son

There exists a website that allows moms to play as matchmakers for their children.


Dating Website for Beautiful People

BeautifulPeople, as the name speaks all, is exclusively devoted to people with good-looking appearance.


Dating Website for Women Behind Bars

Women Behind Bars offers men experiences of potential relationship with female prisoners.



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