Emotional Purity & Guarding Your Heart | Christian Dating Advice

Emotional Purity & Guarding Your Heart | Christian Dating AdviceHey girls! This video is in response to YOUR questions! 🙂 What is emotional purity? How do you stay emotionally pure in a dating relationship? Here are three tips + my own definition of emotional purity. I think it's a lot more practical than we sometimes realize. And comment below what YOU would add to the conversation! Love, Tiffany Dawn IF YOU WANT MORE BOY TALK… I have a whole book about my journey through relationships, singleness, feeling not-pretty-enough to be loved, and ultimately the incredible place God brought me in our Father-daughter time. This book is written like a novel, but filled with the things I learned along my way. It also has discussion questions and space for journaling. Check it out here: LET'S KEEP IN TOUCH ALL WEEK! 🙌 Instagr

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