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Hey!I see that you're looking for a dating website in the US, let me tell you about a MARRIAGE ONLY relationship website that also works in the US.I mean look, there's loads of dating websites and I'm not a big fan of dating because dating is too artificial, it wastes too much time and I'd literally call it the human equivalent of the mating dance. Whereas GoMarry. com, the world's first relationship website, I mean to me, that is a much better option because it literally takes away the guesswork of not knowing if the other person wants to settle for something long-term or they're just going to tag you along until the next shiny thing comes along.


Find Your Soulmate on – The Marriage Only Relationship Website

Because everybody on GoMarry. com wants something long-term, they want to start a family of their own and if that is something that you want then you need to be on GoMarry. com and the best thing about GoMarry. com is that regardless of wherever you live in the world, even if you're living in the U.S, you'll literally choose your state, your city etc and the website will literally match only people around you. You decide the distance, maybe 100 kilometers, maybe 200, whatever your choice etc. So, this is a MARRIAGE ONLY relationship website that works in the U.S. Now, like I said, I don't like dating so what do I have as an alternative?I highly recommend people go on ‘Marriage Meetings'. Marriage Meetings are a much more formal way of dating, unlike regular dating where you're there to woo each other, you're literally dolled up in a fancy place, you're far away from reality.


Revolutionize Your Dating Life with's Marriage Meetings and Expert Question Guide

GoMarry. com is in touch with the reality because they're (Marriage Meetings) essentially a question asking and answering session. Unlike regular dating where there's just two of you, in Marriage Meeting, there's four people, two extra chaperons, one extra person from each one of your sides. This person acts as a chaperone, this person could be your favorite aunt, uncle, this person could be your senior colleague, a boss, your teacher, your professor, a wise friend, somebody who has your best interest at heart, somebody who's going to ensure that you stay true to yourself and somebody who can give you that courage, that strength to ask all the tough questions. Now that said, if you're short of questions to ask, I have written a book. It took me over two years, it's called ‘101 Questions To Ask Each Other Before Getting Married'.A link to the book is in the description, grab yourself a FREE copy. Mark down every question that actually has a meaning in your life and ask away.


New Book Offers Honest and Practical Relationship Questions for free dating sites in usa

Now this book doesn't hold back, it's got questions that are practical, that are meaningful, that are honest, I mean we're talking about ‘What do you think about me spending time with my ex(s)? ‘, maybe these are now colleagues, maybe that somebody you've had a child with and you need to kind of see them regular basis, ‘What do you think about me taking trips out of town with of the opposite gender?”, ‘When do you wanna have children?', ‘Do you want to have children?', ‘How many children?', ‘Do you wanna have children?', ‘Can you even have children?', talk about ‘Credit Score', I mean how important is that, you need cars tomorrow, you need family house tomorrow etc etc. All these things, all these questions we often shy away from asking because we're just too worried what the other person is gonna think of us.


Founder of Shares Revolutionary Approach to Relationship Building Without Emotional Baggage

So that said, the best thing about ‘Marriage Meetings' is they literally last a handful of days, without you having to sleep with anybody, without having to commit into a relationship or without you having to invest emotionally into a relationship. And at the end of it, you either walk into the best relationship for the rest of your life fully informed or you walk away with zero baggage, something that regular dating can absolutely not give you because that requires you to invest yourself financially, emotionally and physically. So that's it, I'm Azad Cahiwala – founder of GoMarry. com. If you've got the decent mindset or you've had your fun and kind of now are in the regret zone, this website is for you.


Founder of Marriage Meeting Launches World's First Marriage-Only Dating Website: Share Your Thoughts Today!

Lastly, do let me know what you think about this website, do let me know what you think of my opinion about dating, about the world's first ever MARRIAGE ONLY relationship website, all my concept of Marriage Meeting.I'll definitely read every one of your comments and acknowledge it, and even if you have a question, I'll try my absolute best to answer it. Beyond that, regardless of whatever choice you make, I wish you all the happiness in the world. Thank you very much for watching this video, take care!.


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